About us

Eleda builds infrastructure that is critical to the functioning of society. We stand for sustainable business, sustainable community building and we make Sweden better.

Eleda was founded in 2017. From our headquarters in Stockholm we operate successful, regional infrastructure service and construction companies throughout Sweden. Eleda has been on an acquisition journey, and today we are a combined force of around 2,400 employees with a turnover of just over SEK 10 billion. Our range of services is both broad and specialized, ranging from projects to entire contracts.

Eleda is run based on a model of decentralized decision-making within the Group. While the companies are supported by a small central organization, they are independently governed, with individual responsibility for profit, and with the goal of being the leading player in their respective local markets. The Eleda model is characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which ensures quality, commitment and motivation at all levels.