We are catalysts for the climate transition and for us, sustainable development goes hand in hand with business success.

Eleda and our subsidiary companies are committed to sustainable business by establishing a strong presence in the market with financial stability, leveraging our expertise to drive ongoing progress towards a sustainable society and providing a secure and supportive work environment. Our objective is for Eleda’s business to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable over the long term.

Read our new Sustainability Report 2023 here.

We firmly believe in sustainable business practices and actively assume responsibility toward our employees, customers and partners. We are actively engaged with the United Nations’ Global Compact and adhere to its 10 principles.

Through our operations, we contribute to the development of a more climate-smart society. Our contributions encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from building charging infrastructure for electric cars to maintaining railways, water and sewage systems, solar and wind parks and power plants for the transition to sustainable energy sources.

Our vision

Our sustainability goals by 2025

Climate and Circularity

Safe Workplace

Attractive and Sustainable Workplace

Our next significant step involves actively addressing scope 3 emissions, focusing on obtaining data regarding the emissions generated by our suppliers. This action is part of our preparation for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the taxonomy that will apply in the coming years.

Jennie Widell, Head of Sustainability at Eleda