Eleda renews infrastructure as society transitions

The Eleda Group consists of some 40 specialized companies that play a key role in Sweden’s critical infrastructure. Several projects we are involved in will lead to increased sustainability in society. “We are contributing to a society in transition,” says Johan Halvardsson, Group CEO.

One of our companies is currently involved in the work on the 14-kilometre-long tunnel that is being built under Stockholm to lead wastewater from the Bromma treatment plant to the Sickla plant under Hammarbybacken. Here, water and sewer connections are made around the tunnel and the mouths.

In Gothenburg, we are involved in building the new tram line at Lindholmen.

“Sustainability is central to our business and it is also often a requirement from our clients. In Värmland, we are currently involved in a project where all construction machinery runs on electricity. This is a requirement from our customer,” says Johan Halvardsson.

Conditions for continued strong growth

In Sweden, there is a built-up infrastructure debt, with major renovation needs in a number of areas, such as roads, railways, and water and sewage systems. The Eleda companies will play an important role in ensuring that this infrastructure is maintained and modernized.

“We mainly take medium-sized projects, up to the order of a few hundred million kronor. Our companies have broad expertise in areas such as transport networks, heating, water, sewage, fiber, and earthworks, as well as electricity distribution and production. Together, we can create a sustainable infrastructure for society’s next step,” explains Johan Halvardsson.

Eleda numbers

3,100 employees

9 platform companies

>16 billion in turnover 2023

Eleda has made many acquisitions in recent years, partly to bring in new expertise and partly to reach out to more places in the country, purely geographically. Recently, we gained a new majority shareholder through Bain Capital. This creates financial resources to expand even more, even internationally.

“Historically, we have had very good growth, with a high underlying organic growth of around 13-15 percent almost every year for the past six years. We have a continued acquisition journey going forward and we will acquire more good companies that fit into our business structure,” concludes Johan Halvardsson.