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Growing companies together for a better Sweden.

After growing through a series of acquisitions of successful infrastructure service and construction companies, Eleda today has a broad geographical coverage within the construction industry. In electricity and fiber-optic cable-laying, the Group’s business is nationwide. With a high proportion of small and medium-sized recurring projects, we have a stable business model. This, together with lasting customer relationships, assignments from the public sector, and satisfied customers, we can ensure a growing, recurring business volume.

Eleda is expected to continue to grow faster than its end-markets, which are underpinned by strong drivers such as aging infrastructure, growing cities, increased digitalization and ambitious environmental goals. Even in a weaker economy, Eleda has good conditions in which to operate successfully, due to the high proportion of revenue from public customers and entities.

Eleda services infrastructure that is critical to society: our model for driving the strategy forward is based on making Sweden better, and making Eleda an industry leader in ESG.

Working at Eleda means servicing and taking responsibility for infrastructure that is critical to society. Through our business areas, we make Sweden better and we must contribute in every way – not least through our ESG work. Through our projects, Eleda enables clean water; expands and improves the railway network to reduce GHG emissions; supports the production and distribution of clean energy through hydropower and wind power; installs smart energy meters and EV charging stations to support increased electrification; and assists in the major restructuring of society, including the construction of data and logistics centers and the expansion of fiber networks to enable the increased digitalisation of society.

To succeed with our assignment, Eleda’s operational model plays a vital role. It is largely about nourishing local entrepreneurship and operating through a decentralized responsibility for results. It also involves using our proven ability to acquire and integrate companies, and be a company that is known for prioritizing sustainability both for our employees and society at large. All this enables Eleda to be a local company with a large company’s resources and business system: what we call the Eleda model. On a daily basis, our operations are supported by a small, central organization that focuses on Group-wide corporate governance issues, financial follow-up and spreading “best practices” between the companies.

Eleda will continue to grow both organically and through acquisitions. Our acquisitions may consist of smaller companies that we integrate into existing regional structures in regions where we are already present, or through larger companies that retain their organizational structures and form a new region. Our long-term goal is to be a leading player in construction and contracting services in the Nordic market.

Financial information

Through our companies, Eleda currently has sales of approximately SEK 9 billion. The business is organized into three different sectors, where Power Distribution & Production is the largest and accounts for 42% of our business. The Water, Heating & Transportation sector is the second largest and currently accounts for 31% of operations, while the third, Data & Logistic Centers, Fiber-optic and Other, accounts for 27%.

In all three sectors, we see good future growth prospects , partly driven by major, general upgrades to infrastructure, but also due to the transition to new, climate-smart solutions.

Eleda in numbers, FY20

TurnoverSEK 9 billion
Number of projects per year2000