About Eleda


Through Eleda’s role as a community developer, we lead projects that contribute to the ever-increasing digitalisation of our everyday lives.

Among other things, Eleda has installed over 100,000 smart energy meters in Swedish homes, along with EV charging stations to support the increased electrification of vehicles. We also assist in the greater transformation of society, by building data and logistics centers and expanding fiber-optic networks to speed up digitalisation.

Eleda is also innovative in the use of digital tools to better support customers. Through One Nordic, Eleda has used drone services as a safe, environmentally friendly, more qualitative and cost-effective alternative to helicopters and ground crews when troubleshooting and inspecting high voltage power lines and advanced power plants for the utility company, E.ON. We have self-developed drones and a group of drone specialists who carry out these flights, which have also been used to repel birds on overhead lines.