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Gatu och Väg Väst

Gatu och Väg Väst is a construction company that specializes in the maintenance of concrete structures.

Gatu och Väg Väst AB (GVV) is a company that performs construction and concrete maintenance work for private and public clients in the Götaland region. The company was founded in 2004 by CEO Per Svensson with a clear ambition to become the customer’s first choice. Today, GVV has a turnover of approximately SEK 244 million with 80 employees. GVV operates throughout southwest Sweden, and has offices in Gothenburg and Halmstad.

Socially important infrastructure, such as concrete structures, requires continuous maintenance – especially when they are located in exposed environments. It is this type of concrete structure that GVV focuses on, for bridges, parking decks, port facilities, power plants and water treatment facilities. All projects are carried out with thorough planning and precision thanks to the years of experience, knowledge and competence that exist within the company.

GVV and the world around it

GVV is proud to say that, as a result of their maintenance work, communities can rest assured that these critical types of infrastructure are of high-quality. The work enables people to continue using bridges, port facilities and power plants and depend on these structures in their everyday lives.

GVV has an integrated management system that is approved by Swedish environmental and quality standards. The system requires that all projects are completed on time and that they take into account both the environment and the workplace. The system has led to increased customer satisfaction and CEO Per Svensson is responsible for ensuring that the system’s quality and environmental policy is complied with in all activities and projects.

The business

The largest business stream for GVV is bridge repairs. The 1000 bridge repairs that the company has carried out in Götaland are examples of the quality and competence that permeates all their projects and assignments. GVV is also a leader in concrete maintenance work on parking decks, port facilities, power plants and water treatment facilities. The structures GVV maintains are largely located in exposed environments, which means that wear and tear, leakage and other issues are recurring and necessary repairs.

Here, GVV provides expertise and a number of specialists who maintain these concrete structures. This important work enables these structures to remain in use and last over time.

GVV’s offering is divided into four business areas:

  • Bridges
  • Ports
  • Hydroelectric
  • Environmental

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Services:Civil construction and concrete maintenance work
Turnover:SEK 244 million

Per Svensson

CEO, Gatu och Väg Väst

073 – 06 84 040