The people who work for us are the key to our success and we actively strive to achieve our vision of having the most satisfied employees in the industry.

In order to achieve our ambitious goal, it is crucial for our employees to experience a sense of well-being, personal growth, commitment, community and respect in the workplace. Ensuring a safe working environment is fundamental to us; no one should suffer injuries or serious accidents while on the job.

The Eleda companies are known for their strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive, where individuals often have autonomy coupled with responsibility. We have various roles available across our companies, ranging from measurement technicians and supervisors to construction engineers, project managers and site managers.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of sustainable infrastructure for the future society, we invite you to explore our companies’ career pages. There you can find out if there are any job vacancies that align with your skills and interests.

Vacancies at our companies

  • Akeab: Carries out contracting projects in cable and facilities, deploys fibre networks, installs water and drainage systems, district heating and performs road maintenance. Located in southern Sweden.
  • Craftor: Supplier of contracts for reliable electricity grids and facilities. Operates throughout Sweden.
  • Gatu och Väg Väst: Construction company specializing in concrete structure maintenance such as bridges, power plants, port facilities and other structures. Located in southwestern Sweden.
  • JVAB: Undertakes contracting projects related to land development, roads, water supply and sewerage systems, as well as general construction work. Based in the Stockholm region.
  • Mark & Energibyggarna: Provides construction and contracting services for energy infrastructure, land development and concrete works. Situated in western Sweden.
  • One Nordic: Supplier of technical consulting services along with contracting and service provisions within the energy and industrial sectors. Operates throughout Sweden.
  • Salboheds: Specialises in groundworks and construction activities related to data centres logistics centres VA (water supply), district heating systems and roads. Located in Central Sweden.

In addition to these Swedish companies – Eleda Norway consists of:

  • Gjermundshaug Anlegg: Engaged in construction work involving water supply systems, sanitary sewerage networks, railways and roads. Located Innlandet region, Norway.
  • Anlegg Øst Entreprenør: A general contractor involved with road, railway, water supply, sanitary sewerage, energy infrastructure and general construction works. Located Innlandet region, Norway.

About GDPR

When you submit a job application to Eleda, it is necessary for us to register and process your personal data for recruitment purposes. This information will be accessible to our HR department and recruiters within our organisation, in compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation known as GDPR.

Please note that your personal data will be retained in our recruitment system for a maximum of two years after your last application. After this period, it will be deleted from our database.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the handling of your personal data, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.