Based in Västerås, Salboheds is at the forefront of services in several new growth areas.

Salboheds performs traditional construction work in logistics and data centers. From its start as a two-man company in 2005, it now has more than 70 employees and sales of approximately SEK 950 million. Especially in recent years, it has been characterized by strong growth, and the company has built a stable range of services with leading specialists in the industry. From their headquarters in Västerås, Salboheds has a leading and strategic position in the Mälardalen region, but they also carry out projects in the rest of Central Sweden.

The business

The Salboheds team are specialists in construction work for logistics properties and data centers, and can offer a unique total offer.

Their services fall under three business areas:

  • Data Centers
  • Water, Wastewater and District Heating
  • Roads, Logistics and Development

They also have a rock-blasting subsidiary in and another in surveying. Given their leading position in Mälardalen, their customer base consists of a variety of return customers from both the private and public sectors.

Salboheds is known as an entrepreneur that can carry out the most demanding projects where specialist competence is required at all levels. They therefore generally act as the general contractor with total responsibility for project implementation, collaborating with the very best subcontractors in the industry. They have a history of strong but controlled growth, and through effective contracts, the company has managed to create solid profitability in the industry over time. The company’s philosophy is based on building good, long-standing relationships with partners, customers and subcontractors. Employee responsibility and commitment are two other key ingredients to their success.

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Location:Central Sweden
Service area:Civil engineering and transmission infrastructure
Turnover:SEK 950 million

Dennis Peters

CEO, Salboheds Bygg & Anläggningstjänst

021 – 47 50 608