Stockholm-based construction company with long-standing customer relationships.

With the goal of becoming Stockholm’s best construction company, JVAB produces facilities that are necessary for the functioning of society. Since its inception in 1985, JVAB has been active in site work and road construction, as well as water and sewage, construction and design work. Today, JVAB has a turnover of approximately SEK 800 million and 150 employees.

JVAB and the world around it

JVAB’s business offering affects the UN’s global goals 6 on clean water and sanitation for all, and 11 on sustainable cities and communities.

Sustainability is therefore at the heart of everything JVAB does. As the structures they deliver must stand the test of time, sustainability is integral to the quality of JVAB’s work. The company takes great responsibility for economic, social and environmental sustainability and works tactically to make the construction process more sustainable.

The business

JVAB’s goal is to become Stockholm’s best construction company. Thanks to long-standing relationships with both local public and private customers, the company has a strong position in the region. The business is organized into three business areas:

  • Site Work and Roads
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Construction and Design

Since it was founded in 1985, the JVAB has provided Stockholm with roads and streets. Regardless of whether they are building major roads, sidewalks or bicycle paths, the company has a broad and deep knowledge bank to draw from. JVAB also does site work that forms the basis for everything from skyscrapers to city squares. With their own machinery and expertise in everything from pipe-laying and masonry to landscaping and concrete, they take care of the entire chain from floor plan to foundation. JVAB also performs soil remediation, in which JVAB’s experts take care of the entire process from preliminary site investigation to new construction on the remediated site.

JVAB’s expertise in Water and Wastewater has, among other things, resulted in a long-term collaboration with Stockholms Vatten (Stockholm Water). In this way, over the years, they have ensured that Stockholmers have access to clean water through the pipes they have laid.

In the area of Construction and Design work, JVAB has knowledge and experience ranging from noise barriers and simple retaining walls to complex projects such as bridges, railway portals and underwater work. The company works closely with designers to offer complete solutions – from idea to finished structure.

The culture at JVAB is characterized by a high level of service and dependability. This stems from their philosophy of developing sustainably over the long-term by getting a little better every day. In keeping with this philosophy, JVAB does not have growth goals, but measures its success in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and profitability. Thanks to this way of working, JVAB’s projects are characterized by high quality, low costs, and on-time delivery. They are also known for their quick and clear communication, which is why JVAB has so many satisfied customers that want to continue developing together.

The key to JVAB’s success has everything to do with the active participation and commitment of their employees. Not surprisingly, JVAB’s strategic work is strongly focused on employee engagement. This also explains the company’s attractiveness in the labor market.

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Service area:Site Work and Roads, Water and Wastewater, and Construction
Turnover:SEK 800 million

Fredric Kastevik