Craftor is one of the Nordic region’s leading contractors for the electricity grid of the future.

Founded in 1983 as a small assembly company, today Craftor has 130 employees, a turnover of 1.25 billion SEK, offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and projects around the world. Craftor plans to continue along this growth trajectory, while maintaining the unique sense of entrepreneurship and openness that has characterized the company from the start.

Craftor and the world around it

Craftor’s goal is to deliver the best, most reliable and competitive civil works and electricity networks. As part of that mission, the company aims to be a good citizen and a good employer. Because the work that Craftor does has such a significant impact on society, the company’s ethical guidelines and values are of great importance at all levels. They apply to everyone from company management, board members and employees to subcontractors.

Naturally, workplace safety is another important area, and Craftor works systematically on work environment and safety issues.

The business

Sweden is growing and the demand for electricity has increased dramatically. As a consequence, the need for fast, efficient and long-term solutions for a good electrical network has also increased. Craftor delivers the best, most reliable and competitive facilities and electricity networks in order to contribute to building Sweden’s electrical infrastructure. The business is organized into three areas:

  • Stations
  • Power Lines
  • Distribution

In the Power Lines business area, Craftor builds new electricity networks and updates existing networks with voltage levels up to 400 kV. The projects are often complete turnkey solutions where Craftor carries out the entire contract, with complete oversight of every phase in the process. With Craftor’s expertise and capacity, they can build specially adapted substations on site and they excel at working in complex environments, such as cramped metropolitan areas where great consideration must be given to people, traffic, other projects, and existing network and infrastructure.

Within the Stations business area, Craftor designs and builds new switchgear and transformation stations. They take responsibility for everything from feasibility studies and design to electrical installation, as well as verification and testing. In the Distribution area, Craftor designs, builds and maintains power plants with up to 40 kV. Their clients include network owners, electricity-intensive industries and major electricity consumers, primarily in metropolitan regions, all of whom require a highly reliable supply of the electricity.

Craftor’s assignments cover turnkey contracts and smaller assignments, new construction projects and the updating of existing networks. No matter the scope, the goal is to always deliver the best technical solution in the most efficient, safe and competitive way – something that has enabled Craftor to work on some of the most advanced and specialized assignments in their field.

Craftor credits its success to its employees, and the company works strategically and continuously with competence development and employee engagement.

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Location:Sweden and the Nordics
Service areas:Electrical installations and electricity networks
Turnover:SEK 1.25 billion

Klas-Urban Hilberth

Strategy Manager, Eleda Group