Akeab’s ambition is to be a leading player in construction and contracting projects in southern Sweden.

Customers can feel confident in Akeab’s strong foundation, which is built on the founders’ many years of experience and senior positions. Not to mention the solid professionalism, commitment of Akeab’s employees. This, along with their ability to innovate are important reasons why the company has such good, long-lasting relationships with its customers. Akeab’s assignments are usually described as projects, and they are always looking at these projects holistically, in regards to quality, environment and safety.

Since its inception in 2008, Akeab has managed to show strong and profitable growth, driven by their close relationships with customers, suppliers and others. The company currently has a turnover of just over SEK 1.2 billion and employs almost 300 people.

Akeab and the world around it

Being an essential part of the local community has always been a priority for Akeab. Through its many assignments, the company is helping to create a better, more sustainable world. From charging options for electric cars to solar and wind farms, Akeab is supporting the transition to a climate-smart society.

One of the company’s core values is the importance of clubs and associations in urban development. That’s why Akeab supports youth associations in the hopes of giving more young people, girls and boys, the opportunity for development and a sense of safety. To ensure that money is spent on the right things, Akeab has clearly set goals linked to the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

This affiliation with association life is emphasized by the “staff program” that exists to support the local associations, where employees can apply for support for their own particular club, team, or association’s activities.

The business

Between Akeab’s experience and good supplier relations, they can carry out projects within sustainable transportation and production, as well as traditional construction work such as small roads. The business is organized into two business areas:

  • Cable
  • Civil Engineering

In the Cable business, Akeab performs all types of assignments for many types of owners. They take on turnkey, general and subcontractor contracts as well as operation and maintenance contracts. Their work is primarily within electricity, fiber-optic, copper and other areas where design/site preparation, permits, traffic management and splicing work are carried out.

Their Civil unit caries out smaller engineering projects within water and sewerage, district heating and road maintenance. More and more assignments are being taken on which will significantly increase the share of renewable energy. Some examples include developing solar parks and wind farms, as well as AC and DC charging solutions for light and heavy vehicles.

Akeab generally acts as the main contractor with overall responsibility for implementation, but uses subcontractors to a large extent to carry out projects with limited capital tied up. Akeab also focuses on smaller, recurring construction and contracting projects to optimize the accuracy of project calculations and reduce operational risk. Major customers include telecom operators, regional and local energy companies, as well as municipalities that all have recurring needs for maintaining and expanding their infrastructure.

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Sales:SEK 1.2 billion
Employees:Approximately 300
Location:Southern Sweden
Service area:Cable and construction

Peter Condrup

CEO, Akeab

073 – 32 20 025