Akeab’s ambition is to establish itself as a prominent player in construction and contracting projects within southern Sweden.

Customers can have confidence in Akeab’s solid foundation, built on the founders’ extensive experience and senior positions. The company’s employees demonstrate strong professionalism, commitment and innovative capabilities. These qualities contribute to Akeab’s ability to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers. Akeab approaches projects holistically, considering quality, environment and safety.

Since its establishment in 2008, Akeab has achieved robust and profitable growth driven by close relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The company and its subsidiaries currently generate a turnover of just over SEK 3 billion and employ nearly 470 people.

Community Engagement

Akeab prioritises being an integral part of the local community. Through their various assignments, they actively contribute to creating a better and more sustainable world. From electric vehicle charging options to solar and wind farms, Akeab supports the transition towards a climate-smart society.

One of the company’s core values is recognizing the importance of clubs and associations in urban development. Therefore, Akeab supports youth associations to provide young individuals—both girls and boys—with opportunities for development and a sense of security. To ensure responsible spending practices aligned with their values, Akeab has established clear goals linked to the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

A strong affiliation with association life is further emphasised through their “staff program,” which supports local associations by allowing employees to apply for assistance for their own clubs’, teams’, or associations’ activities.

The Business

Akeab operates within sustainable transportation infrastructure projects as well as traditional construction work such as small roads due to their experience and good supplier relations. The business is organised into two main areas:

  • Cable: In this segment, Akeab undertakes various types of contracts for different owners related to electricity networks (including fibre-optic cables), design/site preparation work permits management traffic control systems.
  • Civil Engineering: Akeab’s civil unit focuses on smaller engineering projects involving water and sewerage, district heating, road maintenance and an increasing number of assignments related to renewable energy. This includes the development of solar parks, wind farms, as well as AC and DC charging solutions for light and heavy vehicles.

Akeab typically acts as the main contractor with overall project responsibility but often utilises subcontractors to carry out projects with limited capital investment. The company also emphasises smaller recurring construction and contracting projects to optimise project accuracy calculations and reduce operational risks. Major customers include telecom operators, regional/local energy companies and municipalities that have ongoing infrastructure maintenance and expansion needs.

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Turnover:SEK 2,7 billion
Employees:Approximately 470
Location:Southern Sweden
Service area:Cable, construction and infrastructure