Underground Infrastructure

A well-functioning society relies on high-quality infrastructure to meet its various needs. The imperative to address climate change is driving investments in renewable energy production and sustainable transportation systems. In particular, there’s a growing demand for the development and maintenance of railway networks to promote environmentally friendly transport. Simultaneously, the need for investment in conventional road infrastructure is on the rise, driven by both new road projects and the maintenance of existing road networks.

The continuous growth of the population, combined with urbanization trends, is generating a requirement for new investments, expansions and developments in infrastructure. Even within specific sectors like sewage and wastewater systems, there are promising growth prospects, as a significant portion of existing pipes are more than 40 years old. The importance of clean water has led to the constant upkeep and advancement of water treatment facilities and systems throughout the country.

Additionally, district heating has gained significance for many municipalities, with more than half of all residential and commercial buildings in Sweden relying on this method for heating. In the case of multi-family residences, the proportion is even higher, at nearly 90 percent. The expansion of district heating has played a crucial role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in recent years and has contributed to improved air quality in urban areas and cities.

Akeab, Salboheds, JVAB and Mark & Energibyggarna are actively involved in offering services in the sector of Underground Infrastructure to address these pressing infrastructure needs and contribute to a more sustainable and well-functioning society.

The E20 highway outside Vårgårda

Mark & Energibyggarna was appointed general contractor on a project involving the extension of highway E20 with dividers on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). The project took place between January 2021 and June 2023 and included a range of significant tasks. These tasks encompassed the construction of traffic junctions, a new bridge and a utility bridge, in addition to multiple enhancements to existing bridges. The project also involved the construction of pressurised lines, fibre-optic cables, ducting, and rock walls to support the development of this highway infrastructure.

Cleaner water in Botkyrka

JVAB was entrusted with the implementation of the Fittja stormwater parks project on behalf of Botkyrka municipality. This project encompassed the construction of two stormwater dams, Fittja meadow and Lottalund, in addition to a stormwater pipeline extending over a kilometre in length. Situated in a highly frequented area that features a wetlands park environment, JVAB was tasked with building a pumping station and bridges across the dams.

The project, was finalised by the summer of 2022, was an integral part of the municipality’s environmental investment initiatives. It is expected to contribute significantly to more sustainable stormwater management and promote cleaner water in Lake Albysjön and Lake Mälaren.