Water, heating and transport

A well-functioning society requires high-functioning infrastructure. What’s more, the need to slow climate change is driving investments in renewable power production and climate-friendly transportation systems. The latter is creating a need for increased investment in the development and maintenance of railway networks. At the same time, investment in ordinary roads is increasing, partly due to the need for new roads, but also because of a need to maintain existing road infrastructure.

Behind this growing need for infrastructure is continued population growth, which in combination with urbanization is creating the need for new investments, expansions, and new developments.

Even sub-segments, such as sewage and wastewater systems, have good growth prospects, as two-thirds of existing pipes are more than 40 years old. Clean water is also a priority, making it necessary to constantly maintain and develop water treatment facilities and systems around the country. Finally, district heating has become increasingly important for many municipalities, as more than half of all homes and premises in Sweden today are heated this way. Among multi-family houses, the proportion is even higher – almost 90 percent. It is largely to the credit of district heating that Sweden has succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in recent years. The expansion of district heating has also contributed to better air quality in our cities and urban areas.

Akeab, Salboheds, JVAB and Mark & ​​Energibyggarna offer services in Water, heating and transport.

The E20 highway outside Vårgårda

On behalf of the Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration), Mark & ​​Energibyggarna in Gothenburg is implementing an extension of highway E20 with dividers. Mark & ​​Energibyggarna is the general contractor on the project, which will run between January 2021 and June 2023. It includes the construction of traffic junctions, construction of a new bridge and a utility bridge, as well as various upgrades to existing bridges. The assignment includes the construction of a pressurized lines, fiber-optic cable and ducting, and rock walls.

Cleaner water in Botkyrka

JVAB has been commissioned to carry out the Fittja stormwater parks project for Botkyrka municipality. The project consists of two stormwater dams, Fittja meadow and Lottalund, as well as a stormwater pipeline that is more than a kilometer long. In this very well-visited area, which contain a wetlands within a park environment, JVAB will build a pumping station and bridges over the dams. The project, which will be completed by the summer of 2022, is part of the municipality’s environmental investment and will contribute to more sustainable stormwater management and cleaner water in Lake Albysjön and Lake Mälaren.