Power generation and distribution

As a response to climate change, the energy sector is currently experiencing a great deal of growth. Eleda’s companies offer services in renewable power production and power distribution. Another growth area is intelligent solutions for end consumers, such as smart electricity meters.

The energy market is anticipating strong long-term growth driven, among other things, by aging networks. But there are other drivers that are increasing the need for new capacity, such as the electrification of vehicles. The progress of climate initiatives in Norrland are also driving demand. Eleda works to support clean energy production through the service and maintenance of hydropower and wind turbines. We are also responding to new consumer needs by rolling out smart energy meters and EV charging stations for the increased electrification of society.

Most of the projects our companies take on are based on long-term agreements, while some power projects, like wind power projects, require the rebuilding or new construction of power stations. These projects require our companies to have the best competence on the market when it comes to developing, building, modernizing, optimizing and maintaining our customers’ facilities. Lastly, we work with the largest players in the industry to develop high-tech, sustainable energy systems.

Eleda is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of technical consulting services, contracts and services in the energy and industrial sectors. With our nationwide organization and local knowledge, we take responsibility for and deliver high-quality services and solutions to energy producers, distributors and users.

ONE Nordic and Craftor offer services in power production and distribution.

Project Notviken – New construction of a 130/40kV transformer station for Vattenfall

On behalf of Vattenfall, Craftor is rebuilding the existing 130kV outdoor switchgear for an associated control facility in LuleƄ. The project, which is a turnkey contract, includes the connection of two new 130/40kV transformers, a new 40kV switchgear located indoors, including a control system and conversion work. The contract includes, among other things, earthworks, a new station, transformer foundations, control plant, construction of switchgear and shaft, installation of 40kV power cables and, finally, testing and commissioning of the new plant. The project began in 2019 and will be completed in 2021.

960,000 smart electric meters for the electrical grid of the future

ONE Nordic is installing and commissioning 960,000 new smart electricity meters for Ellevio. So far, 100,000 meters have been installed and the project will be ready in 2023. The new meters can communicate using NB-IoT technology and ONE Nordic’s ONE AMI system (Advanced Metering Infrastructure for collecting measurement data). NB-IoT is a prerequisite for future data collection, enabling electricity network owners to be able to distribute fossil-free energy in a stable and smart way. The technology, which enables machine-to-machine communication, opens up new opportunities to develop services and solutions for the connected and intelligent energy grid of the future. On the whole, this new infrastructure will enable the reliable and successful collection of measurement data, an important milestone in the development of the smart electricity grid that will ensure that Ellevio’s customers always receive electricity in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way.