Mark & ​​Energibyggarna

Mark & ​​Energibyggarna is building for a sustainable future by offering qualified services in construction and energy.

Mark & ​​Energibyggarna (M&E) was founded in 1991 with energy as its first business area. With a strong, experienced group of founders and management, the company grew to offer a broader service portfolio in construction and contracting and is today a leading player in the Gothenburg region.

M&E has a history of profitable growth. In recent years, it has also been one of the fastest-growing companies in the construction industry in the Gothenburg region. The company currently has a turnover of approximately SEK 2 billion and employs around 250 people.

Mark & ​​Energibyggarna and the world around it

M&E works actively with their ESG work, which is based on a holistic view that includes both the internal and the external aspects of the business. The company is environmentally certified by the Environmental Administration in Gothenburg. They also have a well-developed environmental system that meets the requirements of ISO 14001, where they document the complete construction process and evaluate its climate and environmental impact.

The business

Mark & ​​Energibyggarna is a leading provider of construction and contracting services in western Sweden. They generally work as the main contractor with total responsibility for project delivery and subcontractors.

Their services cover four business areas:

  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Site Work
  • Construction
  • Concrete

In addition, they have three subsidiaries, Axeda, Anneberg, VKAB, GMB and Dala Infra within which they offer project management of everything from small contracts to large construction projects.

As part of their Energy business, M&​E works with expanding district heating, district cooling and fiber networks. Their holistic approach includes everything from purchasing and excavation, to the laying and backfilling of asphalt. They also build highways, tramways, railways and bridges, develop urban environments, build gas pipelines, pour the foundations for buildings, and build streets and pipelines for new development.

The company’s customers consist exclusively of state and municipally-owned companies that have recurring needs for maintaining and expanding of their infrastructure.

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Location:Greater Gothenburg
Service areas:Construction
Turnover:SEK 2 billion

Henrik Thorsson

CEO, Mark & Energibyggarna

073 – 82 55 200