About Eleda

Our Values

Through our projects, we are making Sweden better. With that as our mandate, it is critical that Eleda and all our companies have clear, strong values that permeate all our actions.


We stand behind our commitments and always strive for the highest standard. Through quality assurance and continuous training of all our employees, we deliver high-quality work with the customer’s best interests in mind.


An expressed commitment from our employees creates a feeling of security and a better workplace. This naturally has a positive impact on the quality of our work.


The sense of community that exists within the Eleda group is one of its most important characteristics. We always strive to foster an open, family feeling.


At Eleda, we treat each other and anyone we meet with respect. We dare to be clear and straightforward with each other, and have an open mind to one anothers’ ideas, opinions and thoughts.